Historic villas at Lake Como: Villa Serbelloni

By Vacanze Lago • on February 14, 2013

There are many historic villas at Lake Como which are an extraordinary example of typical Italian architecture, besides having splendid gardens and parks that are certainly worth a visit.

One of the most famous villas must be Villa Serbelloni , built in 1605 in Bellagio and passed on to the ownership of Count Alessandro Serbelloni who put all his effort in to the villa and after whom the villa is now named.

The interiors are finely decorated with vaulted and coffered ceilings, adorned with frescoes and paintings and many works of fine art. The best of all is the massive park surrounding the villa , with over 18 km of alleys, paths and tracks suitable for horse carriages, that the Duke had commissioned and that today offers a luxuriant display of valuable plants and trees like rhododendrons, cypresses and rare exotic species.

After the Duke died in 1826 the villa started to decay progressively until 1870 when it was rented by Antonio Mella who made it a dependence of the Grande Bretagne Hotel ; in 1907 the villa was sold to a Swiss society that turned it into the Hotel Serbelloni .

The villa is considered one of the most beautiful villas of Lake Como and is now used from the foundation as conference and study centre, and you can only visit the amazing gardens.

The gardens can only be visited on guided tours which take place twice a day and last about 1 hour 30 minutes. More information about the guided tours on the Villa Serbelloni website .

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