Parolario Como is a cultural event dedicated to books and culture, where authors are ready to share stories and emotions on the beautiful shores of Lake Como . For two weeks the city of Como becomes the capital of the book; there will be debates, lectures, cultural meetings, music and exhibitions.

The theme of the fourteenth edition, that will be held in the city of Como, from August 29 to September 6, 2014, is “Rediscovering the taste. nourish your mind and cultivate your soul! Closely paralleling the Expo 2015 theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” .

Good quality food comes from good quality earth, the “Feeding the Planet” theme isn’t just about tasty, healthy food; it’s also about looking after our planet.

Through books, debates with authors (novelists, journalists, poets, artists, scientists and philosophers), cinema and music you will rediscover the genuine values ​​of land and natural products, learn the importance of education in proper nutrition, encouraging more healthy lifestyles.

At Parolario, there will be more general reflections on taste and beauty , as well as their connection  and ability to be sensitive in front natural beauty and capture the beauty in art.

In conclusion many tastes and flavors to nourish the body and cultivate the soul – in many senses because if the taste is strictly connected to the sphere of the senses and to the aesthetic sensibility, even the order of thoughts and attention to peoples lives require, taste, elegance and harmony.

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